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Retired Teachers

Our members have a range of life experiences. Some were widowed, divorced, or single when they retired. Others were widowed or divorced after they retired, and have since re-married. All of them want to secure the financial future of their spouse, based on contributions they made when they were working.

The only option: The risks of taking a permanent reduction

Some of our retired members have taken a substantial reduction in their pension plan in order to provide for their spouse.

This reduction is permanent, meaning that even if their spouse predeceases them, their full pension will never be reinstated. With no surviving spouse, they are essentially paying again for a benefit they will never receive. We have members in this illogical situation - facing financial hardship based simply on the discriminatory effect of the pension plan rules.

There are ways that you can to protect yourself and spouse - in ways big or small. To learn more, contact us.